Chapter 1.40

A/N: Well, I was late with Friday’s chapter, so here’s Saturday’s before I go to bed.



I rolled out of bed feeling very much like a boulder. Any time now. You can make it. Now in my ninth month, any moment could be the time when it’s finally time to get this kid out of me.


An ache firmly settled in my back, I padded downstairs to make breakfast. I was ravenous, so I cooked up a big breakfast scramble. There were lots of little things that were different with this pregnancy than my last two, like I had bad heartburn this time around. But the insatiable hunger still persisted.

Despite all my pains and complaints, I was happy, though. Shirley had run every test she could think of and the baby was just fine. When Carter and I had gone in for an ultrasound, she’d asked us if we wanted to know what it was, but we both decided against it. The pregnancy was a surprise, so why not let the gender be a surprise too?


I hummed softly as I finished making breakfast. I tried to imagine what our child would look like. Dark haired like Carter? Or another little red head? I found myself hoping for dark hair. Joshua looked so much like Houston – so much that it hurt sometimes. I wanted a little boy or girl that looked like Carter.

Who had been amazing. Throughout all of this, Carter had been nothing but a ray of sunshine. Though he hasn’t told me, I think he’s been wanting a baby for a while, maybe he always knew he’d want one someday. To be honest, I don’t know what my answer would’ve been if he’d broached the subject of having a baby. I don’t know if I would’ve chosen to be forty-three and pregnant. I was glad it had happened like this, taking the choice of it out of my hands.


“Something smells good,” Carter said as he came into the kitchen. He got a plate and sat down at the table. “How are you feeling?”


“I’m good. Thinking about getting seconds.”

“You think Baby Cthulhu will be making an appearance today?”

I rolled my eyes. “Carter, stop calling our baby Cthulhu.” He hadn’t liked calling the baby “it,” so naturally he’d decided on calling it that until he or she made their appearance.


He grinned irreverently. “We have to call it something.”

“You’re terrible.” I shook my head and started to get up to do the dishes – I definitely did not need a second helping – but Carter waved me back into my seat.


“I’ll take care of it,” he said as he gathered up our dishes, the china clinking together. “Why don’t you go put your feet up?”

I huffed softly. “Stop trying to take care of me.” I got to my feet but stopped as I felt a tightness in my stomach. Having given birth twice before, I knew what those pains meant. “Carter.”


He turned back from the sink. “Hmm?”

“I think we should go to the hospital.”

His eyes widened and he quickly shut the sink off, coming around the table to me. “Are you sure? Is this it?”

I rubbed my hands over my stomach, trying to breathe evenly. “I think so. It happens faster after your first and this is my third so better safe than sorry.” He looked on the verge of panic so I gently nudged him towards the hall. “Get the car, baby.”


Looking more than a little green, he hurried outside. While he pulled the car around, I called Camille. Joshua and Nora were more than capable of getting themselves to school, but she could pick them up after school and bring them to the hospital to see the baby, then keep them at her house for the night. Shirley was working today, so she’d already be there. I’d just call her from the car.

After I hung up with Camille, another pain hit me, sending me back into my chair. I struggled to breathe through it. When it finally passed, I made my way outside to the car. I rubbed soothing circles over my stomach. Soon, little one.


I stared down at my two, beautiful babies and still couldn’t believe it. At forty-three years old, I had somehow given birth to twins. Nathan and Theresa Harrison. What on Watcher’s green earth was I doing raising two new babies at my age?


I remembered back to the delivery. I had stood there, holding Theresa while Carter held Nathan. I looked over at Shirley accusingly, “You neglected to mention that there were two in there.”

She smiled innocently. “You said you didn’t want to know what you were having.”


Now, I heard the door open quietly. Carter came into the room and picked up Nathan. “We’ve really got our hands full, haven’t we?”

I laughed softly. “Understatement.”

“And poor Nora. She’s stuck rooming with two newborns until we can renovate the basement.”


I sank down on the side of her bed. “Yeah, she’s not too pleased at all about sharing her room. Maybe we should bring the twins up to our room? We’ve got the space and it’ll save us the walking in the middle of the night.”


Carter nodded. “That’s a good plan.” He settled Nathan back into his crib and crossed the room, pulling me up into his arms. “Have I told you today how much I love you?”

I smiled and leaned into him. “I don’t think so.”

“Hmm, well, let me fix that. I love you more than words can say. You’re the most amazing woman and most phenomenal mother. I’m so lucky to have you, Haddie. And I’m so completely in love with our son and daughter.”


I leaned up and kissed him. It had been almost six years now since we’d met in the park. I never would have dreamed my life would turn out like this. “I love you so much. And even if sometimes I think I’m too old to start a family again, you remind me that it’s never too late. I thought I was too old for you to love, but I was so wrong. We’re going to be amazing parents together.”

We held each other tight. I breathed in his warm, familiar scent, listened to his heartbeat and the sound of our babies breathing, and knew that everything was going to be okay.

A/N: Surprise!!! Two nooboos! This was all part of my devious plan. I’m so happy mods exist.

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  1. ninjapigsims says:

    TWINS YIPPEE! *ninjapig brings piglet plushies for the two nooboos* As a birthday present! 🙂

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  2. Whaaaaat? How amazing! Two babies to carry on those Carter genes! Congrats 🙂

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  3. raerei says:

    Yay! Welcome cuthulu and ankle biter….!!

    you know I had corrected my previous post … Initially I had wanted to type “their kids will be cute” but there was no evidence it was twins so I change it to kid…shouldn’t have doubted my sentence stucture.

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    WOW, two nooboos? Congratulations!! 🙂

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    Aww man, so they didn’t go with Cthulu for eiher of them? What a shame!:D

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    Carter’s face when he;s holding the baby in the sepia picture makes me want to cry! Pixel people and their sweetness!! ❤

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    Nooboo x2!!!!!! Welcome to the world babies!!!

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