Chapter 2.22



To my eternal shock, the first date had been a success. And so had the next. And the next. Before I completely realized what had happened, I had a boyfriend – though Kurt didn’t like to use labels. I was dating someone. I was going out and actually having fun.

Mom was as happy as she could be. She wouldn’t stop asking me about Kurt. What he was like, what he did, what he wanted to do. She wanted to meet him, but I wasn’t ready for that. For myself as well as for Kurt. Mom seemed so excited that I was afraid she might be a little overzealous when she met him. I really didn’t need my mother to spook off my first boyfriend.


I smiled at myself in the bathroom mirror. Though I’d never been a make-up wearer, I’d had Mom teach me the basics. Between the make-up and the way Kurt looked at me sometimes, I actually felt pretty. It was another new experience for me.


I left the bathroom, calling to Mom that I was heading to Kurt’s. We were going to hang out at his place and watch movies

Mom smiled over at me from her easel. “Have fun. Be home by ten.”

“I always am.” I hurried downstairs and dashed out to meet the cab that was waiting for me.


Kurt was on the front steps waiting for me when I got there. He got up and came over to meet me. “Hey there.”

I smiled, a light flush suffusing my cheeks as it usually did when I met his gaze. “Hey.”

He turned and led the way inside. He and his mom shared a double-wide trailer. It wasn’t much to look at, but, oddly, I kind of liked it here. It was kind of cozy. Not like how I could sometimes feel in Aunt Shirley and Aunt Camille’s spacious house.


“Do you want anything?” He asked.

I shook my head and sat down on the couch. “I’m okay. I might want something later.”

He smiled and sat down next to me. “Low maintenance. I like that in a girl.” As he flipped on the TV, he drew me under his arm. Inwardly, I was beaming as I snuggled into him.

Never in a million years had I thought I would experience this. Cuddling! When he’d first kissed me after our first date, I hadn’t known what to do. He’d since shown me how to kiss properly. Most of our dates usually ended up with a good bit of necking before I went home.


For a while, we simply watched the old western in silence. Then I felt his fingers on my jaw, tilting my face up to his. His lips met mine, and I gave myself up to his kiss. I could spend hours kissing him. Once I’d gotten the hang of it, it was so easy. If kissing was this good, I could only imagine how much better the rest was. No wonder Mom always had a dreamy look on her face when she looked at Carter.


His arms got rougher, pulling me tighter to him. It excited me, making me smile against his lips and murmur his name. He bit my lower lip, just hard enough to sting the slightest bit. “Nora, I want you.”


That made me stop and pull back. “What?”

“We’ve been going out for a month, Nora. I think it’s time.” His expression softened and he stroked my cheek. “I want to be with you, completely. You’re my girl.”

It felt so good for him to say that. I glanced toward the door that I knew led to his room. Sex? With Kurt? Hadn’t I just been thinking how good it must be? But it was such a huge step. I looked between Kurt and the door, unsure what to do.


Wordlessly, as if he were able to sense that I needed a nudge to make a decision, he got up and offered me his hand. After a heartbeat, I took it. Together, we walked to his room.

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11 Responses to Chapter 2.22

  1. raerei says:

    Uh oh…. And yes. Browser. Tiny buttons are tiny.

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  2. CitizenErased14 says:


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  3. Simslover163 says:

    Nora and Kurt? Hmmmm. Not sure if this can work out.

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  4. Oh no. This is bad news!

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  5. kaffepigen says:

    Og dear Nora. I fear she will end up doing things she might not be ready for and that she will regret later, just to make him haopy… Maybe she already has…

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  6. Hailey says:

    Noooooooooooooooo! Don’t do it Nora, please don’t! There’s something to be said about waiting for the right one!

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  7. cathytea says:

    No! I’m so scared for her…

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