A Week of Thoreau

Yep, you read the title right. Starting tomorrow, 2/14, I am kicking off a week of daily Thoreau posts. This is in addition to the Crazy Town and the More the Wilder posts that are due to post this week.

Additionally, in an effort to stay motivated, I’m going to move to three updates a week, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. If this isn’t a pace I feel I can keep up with, I’ll reduce it to twice a week again. With any luck, I’ll have another burst of creativity and churn out another week of Thoreau for you at some point. 😉

As always, give me your thoughts! (About the story, not the week of Thoreau; I know that’s awesome. :P)

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3 Responses to A Week of Thoreau

  1. raerei says:

    Not that it makes a huge difference for me this time…but I’m liking this in support of future weeks.

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