Slice of Life: Tough Times

So, I accidentally originally published this on the wrong day. Apparently I got confused about which chapter was coming out when. Apologies to anyone who has already read this slice of life, but it’s now posting at a more appropriate time.

You all know I don’t do a lot of large time jumps, but I’ve got one coming up right now. To help bridge the gap, I’ve got some Slices of Life coming (including this one) that will help to bridge the gap. I hope you enjoy. 🙂



I smiled and sang along to the radio as I cut lettuce for the garden salad I was making for lunch. It had been six months since Tommy and I had moved into our little place in Oasis Springs. At first, it had been such a hard transition; I’d done daily battle with the crappy stove. But, with a bit of time, I’d figured out how to work with it. I still wanted a new one pretty badly, but I was managing okay with this one.

I sat down and ate my salad, idly watching a rerun of Simton Abbey. I’d found a balance between watching the things I actually wanted to watch and watching things I needed to watch. Lunch hour was my time and was not to be infringed upon by often-depressing news stories.

After my leisurely lunch, I went back into the kitchen and washed my dishes. I need to read up on those drink mixes – I can’t believe they want me to tend bar.


The sink, evidently, was more upset about my work duties than I was – it started spewing in outrage.

I gasped and stepped back. “What the shit!” I glared at the sink.

I had no idea how to handle this! If something had broken at home, Mama had either hired someone to repair it or, if it was relatively minor, fixed it herself. I tried all the dumb stuff to fix it, but nothing would make the water stop spewing.


Eventually, I gave up and stepped away, pulling out my phone. After a few rings, Tommy’s deep voice greeted me. “Tommy, the kitchen sink is broken,” I said urgently.

“Is it not draining again? Just poke around with a butter knife or something; it’s probably clogged.”

“No, it’s spewing water everywhere. Everywhere, Tommy.”

He muttered a curse and sighed. “Well, I’ll see about it when I get home.”

I knew he was being reasonable, but water was steadily creeping towards the wood floor of the living room. “Can’t you come fix it now?”

“I can’t just leave to fix the sink, baby. I’ll be home in a few hours.”

After he hung up, I glared at the sink. Well, hell. I guessed I was stuck with it for a while. I did the best that I could to keep water from getting everywhere and finally retreated to the bathroom. I’d just take a nice, hot shower and not think about my broken kitchen sink.


Or not.

As soon as I turned the water on, something made a very not-good groaning sound and water began spewing out of the faucet.

“You have got to be fricken kidding me.” I almost stamped my foot in frustration. This was absolutely unbelievable. I stomped out of the room and into the bedroom, slamming the door behind me.


The moment I heard Tommy’s cab pull up outside of the house, I was out of the bedroom. I met Tommy at the door and kissed his cheek. “Hi honey. By the way, the tub is broken too.”

He groaned. “Watcher, if everything could stop breaking, that would be super.”

“I know, right?”


First, he took care of the sink. I honestly don’t know what he did to fix it; he may as well be magic for all I know. About fifteen minutes with a wrench and it was as good as new. Or as good as it was when we moved in.


While he went into the bathroom to look at the tub, I got out the mop and started cleaning up the damage. Tomorrow, we were probably going to laugh about this. I had to admit, this might actually have been a good thing. If I could make it through this day, I could make it through anything else this house threw at me.


Bonus picture! What happens when there’s a shortage of computers at the station.

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11 Responses to Slice of Life: Tough Times

  1. CitizenErased14 says:

    #TeamCaughtUpForReal #TeamBrokenAppliances #TeamLoraleeIsBeautiful


  2. QueeniePie says:

    Yay! I caught up, finally! And on the one that ultimately made me start binge-reading from the beginning. This legacy is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Simslover163 says:

    Love this!! That last picture made me giggle!! I had several Sims go to the refrigerator at once and they merge into one! So funny! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. cshaner says:

    Can I just say ‘Simton Abbey’ omg omg omg.
    I hate that it’s over for realz.

    Liked by 1 person

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