Meet the Characters

*Note: Current age refers to the story, not to game play.*

Infant: 1-4 Child: 5-12 Teen: 13-18 Young Adult: 19-30 Adult: 31-64 Elder: 65-∞

Not all characters will appear here. This will be an enormous character list as-is, so only characters I think are important will be added – if you think someone should be here and they aren’t, talk to me! I’m happy for suggestions.

This section is now divided up by generation. Characters may have a page in multiple generations. However, if you are reading a bio in generation one, there will be no spoilers there for any later generations; there will however still be spoilers for the generation that you are currently reading.


2 Responses to Meet the Characters

  1. Simmer_Lewis says:

    You are so organized! I love how much work you put into it, even the ages. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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