Camille Thoreau

Camille 1

Legacy Founder: Camille Thoreau

Current Age: 40

Traits: Geek, Good, Genius, Quick Learner, Webmaster, Business Savvy, Shrewd,

Aspiration: Computer Whiz (completed), Fabulously Wealthy (completed)

Occupation: Champion Gamer

Spouse: Shirley Hines (wife), Huy Casillas (ex-husband)

Children: Loralee Thoreau, Luc Thoreau


Camille grew up in a poorer, unstable household in Willow Creek. Her father was raised in Champs Les Sims, but immigrated to Willow Creek as a young adult. Never ambitious, he still happily works at a fast-food place as a cook. Her mother was moderately successful in her profession, but never successful in relationships. As a result, Camille desperately wants to succeed both in love and in her career. She is a control freak and leery of marriage, despite having it as part of her life goals.

As a child, she always loved computers and that grew into a love of gaming and programming after she became a teenager. She was sixteen when she started to look into gaming as a profession and soon after that realized she wanted to become a Champion Gamer. It was during this time that she developed a plan for her life. First and foremost was to get out of Willow Creek, a place that had nothing but distasteful memories for her. Then she’d get a job and a house and then she’d work hard to become the best Champion Gamer she could be. Then, and only then, would she settle down and get married. The years of living at home with her mother cemented the plan in her mind and, by the time she was finally able to buy her home in Newcrest, The Plan was closer to her heart than anything else.

Because of her childhood, Camille finds it difficult to let people in. As a young adult, she looked at dating and having a social life as necessary but vastly less important than her career goals. Though she did have some guilt, balancing two relationships suited her chosen lifestyle the best.

It wasn’t until her boyfriend, Huy, and her girlfriend, Shirley, discovered each other that Camille began the process of realizing how deep the connection she felt to Shirley was; though, by then, she had made her bed with Huy.

She was, unfortunately, forced to realize that she hadn’t known him all that well before the break up with Shirley. It was only after they became exclusive that she learned how unambitious he was, which was something she especially struggled to embrace about him. Looking back on their relationship, it’s obvious to her how doomed their marriage was from the moment their dirty laundry was aired in the Blue Velvet.

Things became much worse between them after their marriage, especially during Camille’s pregnancy and after the birth of their daughter. Though Huy was staunchly against it, Camille insisted that Loralee have the last name Thoreau; it is something that Huy continues to hold a bitter grudge about.

During her pregnancy, Camille reconnected with Shirley. She fell deeply in love with the now-successful surgeon, much more so than she had been in the past. Camille had never found it easy to make friends and leaned on Shirley through the rest of her marriage.

Following her separation from Huy, Camille and Shirley officially entered a relationship. Though they mutually decided to take things slow, they have been inseparable since they got back together. Initially, Shirley’s sister, Hadley, was strongly against their relationship, but Camille and Hadley have grown closer since then as Camille has learned how to be more open with others.

Now married, Camille and Shirley are in the process of adopting a son together. Camille often looks at her life and is surprised by how happy she is to be more family-focused. Though her focus is thanks, in no small part, to the career-focus she had in previous years.


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