Alison Harrison

Alison Harrison

Parents: Phil and Elaine Harrison

Siblings: Carter Harrison

Current Age:

Traits: Good, Creative, Muser

Aspiration: Bestselling Author


Alison grew up along with her older brother, Carter, in Willow Creek. When she was six, she met Joshua Yuen at school, and they became very good friends. Her brother often took her over to play with Joshua, though, she realizes now that she’s a little older, he probably did it partially so that he could get closer to Joshua’s mother, Hadley, since the two are now married. To Alison, it’s a little weird that her best friend is now her nephew by marriage, but they are still best friends.¬†Alison is also friends with Josh’s younger sister, Nora, and their cousins, Loralee and Luc.


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