Camille Thoreau

Camille Thoreau

Current Age: 44

Traits: Geek, Good, Genius, Quick Learner, Webmaster, Business Savvy, Shrewd,

Aspiration: Computer Whiz (completed), Fabulously Wealthy (completed)

Occupation: Champion Gamer

Spouse: Shirley Hines (wife), Huy Casillas (ex-husband)

Children: Loralee Thoreau, Luc Thoreau


(For Camille’s early history, see her page in Generation One.)

Camille has made a real name for herself in the game developing and video gaming circles. Her video game series, Witchly, is one of the most-played game franchises ever. Though she still loves video games, she has recently taken on some other hobbies, which explain the rocket ship in the back yard.

Though in the past she put work before everything, her family now comes first in her life. She and her wife, Shirley, have known each other for over twenty years and have been married for over eight. Together, they adopted their son, Luc. Her marriage to Huy Casillas is a bad memory, but one that she has tried to learn from. She hopes that her children will not have to go through what she did in order to have a good life.


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