Hadley Yuen

Hadley 1

Hadley Hines Yuen, the older sister of Shirley Hines.

Current Age: 46

Traits: Art Lover, Goofball, Clumsy, Domestic

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Occupation: Stay-at-home Mom

Spouse: Carter Harrison (boyfriend), Houston Yuen (divorced)

Bio: Hadley was always very close to her mother and grew up wanting to be just like her. A big part of that aspiration is to be an amazing mother. She thought that she found true, lasting love in Houston Yuen. She was so convinced, in fact, that she convinced him to leave his wife after finding out she was pregnant with their son, Joshua.

For a time, life could not have been any more perfect. Houston was a wonderful, attentive father and a devoted husband. Around the time Hadley became pregnant with her second child, however, she noticed a change in Houston. She lived in denial for several years before she finally was forced to confront her husband.

Now a divorced woman rapidly approaching middle age, Hadley feels lost. The image that she had of herself was of a devoted wife and mother, but her life was hardly so cookie-cutter perfect anymore.

Life for Hadley changed when she met the much-younger Carter Harrison. Even though he is wildly inappropriate for her, Carter makes her feel vital and truly alive again. He forces her out of the housewifeian role that she had so willingly put herself in. But there is a dark edge to their relationship that Carter is oblivious to; Hadley lives in the real world and knows that, as good as their relationship is, it’s going to end.


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