Houston Yuen


Houston Yuen

Current Age: 49

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Self-Assured, Childish, Alluring

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Occupation: Detective (Colonel)

Spouse: Monica Phillips (wife), Hadley Yuen (divorced)

Bio: Houston Yuen grew up in Oasis Springs and met his wife, Kelsey, in high school. They got married shortly after graduation and moved to a house in Willow Creek. Everything was perfectly pleasant in their marriage, but he felt a deep connection when he met Hadley Hines. The love he felt for Hadley was so deep that he divorced Kelsey to be with her.

For several years, he was wonderfully happy to have only Hadley, but his eye started to stray. He began to realize that he wasn’t suited to a faithful married life, though he kept that thought to himself. He held himself in check until he met Monica Phillips. She was younger and so beautiful and ambitious, unlike Hadley.

Despite being wracked with guilt over betraying Hadley, who he did love very much, he also fell in love with Monica. He was surprisingly relieved with Hadley confronted him directly about it, because he, selfishly, would’ve continued his double life with both women indefinitely.

Since moving in with Monica, they have gotten married at her urging. He loves her, but doesn’t truly believe he can remain faithful.

The two people he loves without any reservations are his children, Joshua and Nora. There is almost nothing he enjoys more than spending time with them. He’s recently started coaching Joshua’s little league team.

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