Huy Casillas

Huy 1

Huy Casillas

Current Age: 43

Traits: Bro, Slob, Natural Cook (trait courtesy MtS), Domestic

Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Occupation: Business (Regional Manager)

Spouse: Anna Casillas (wife), Camille Thoreau (divorced)

Children: Loralee Thoreau, Bradley Casillas, Blake Casillas


Huy is the second oldest of four. He has a biological brother and sister, Connor and Chastity, and an adoptive sister, Octavia. Though he went into business, he has never been particularly motivated to succeed, seemingly content to be a regional manager. He decided to forgive Camille for cheating on him, but, since then, has secretly felt as if she owes him. Though he professes to love her, he is really in love with the idea of her; he longs for a classic idea of marriage, rather than the reality of marriage to Camille.

His marriage with Anna is, for the most part, happy. She enjoys being a housewife and stay-at-home mother to their children, giving Huy little reason to find fault with her. His biggest problem is with his son, Bradley, who would rather play video games than join little league. He flipped out one day when he found Bradley playing Witchly, a game developed by Camille.

He doesn’t think about Loralee that often now that he has his sons. He likes the idea of having a daughter that he could spoil, but finds the thought of dealing with Camille in order to see her too much.


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