Josh Yuen

Joshua Yuen

Parents: Houston Yuen and Hadley Harrison

Current Age: 20

Traits: Cheerful, Active, Quick Learner

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim


As a child, Josh’s best friend was his father, the man who coached his little league team and took him to the park. As he got older, though, his relationship with Houston became more strained. Though he likes Carter, his mother’s new husband, and is glad that his mother is happy, he blames Houston for breaking up their family. In the last few years, he has stopped spending weekends with Houston and his family and doesn’t see his father often.

His best friend is Alison Harrison, who happens to be Carter’s younger sister. They’ve been extremely close since they were children, though she is two years younger than he is. Since she turned thirteen, Josh has realized that he likes her a lot in a more than friendly way. However, she is his aunt by marriage, so that creates more than a few problems.

Josh also plays baseball for his high school team, the Willow Creek Ravens. He thinks that maybe he might like to be a professional athlete someday, but he isn’t actually that sure what he wants to do with his life.


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