Joshua Yuen


Joshua Yuen

Parents: Houston and Hadley Yuen

Current Age: 15

Traits: Cheerful, Active, Quick Learner

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim


Since he was little, Joshua has been very close to his mother, Hadley. After his parents divorced, he would try to cheer her up with jokes. Initially, he wasn’t too keen on having a baby sister, but she’s since grown on him. He doesn’t like to play with her much anymore, though, because he thinks he’s too old to play with kids her age. His best friend is Alison Harrison, the younger sister of his mother’s boyfriend, Carter.

When Carter first came into their lives, Joshua was very unsure of him. He seemed nice, but it was weird to have him dating his mom. Over time and partially because of his guitar, Joshua has grown to like him. He doesn’t see him much as a parental figure, but more like an older brother.

Joshua’s relationship with his father, Houston, is often strained. Even though he likes Carter and his step-mother, Monica, he doesn’t understand why they couldn’t stay together. He’s also not very close to his younger half-siblings, Emerson, Lindsey, and Lydia, because they are much younger.

When he found out his mother and Carter were having a baby, he wasn’t sure how to react. He likes his youngest siblings well enough, but they’re just babies. On the bright side, the gets paid to babysit them now.

Joshua 1


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