Loralee Casillas Thoreau

Loralee Thoreau

Parents: Camille Thoreau and Shirley Hines (Huy Casillas, father)

Current Age: 17

Traits: Outgoing, Natural Cook, Essence of Flavor

Aspiration: Master Chef


Loralee has grown up with the best of everything. She was raised in a large, modern mansion with two mothers who adored and spoiled her and an adopted younger brother. Because of her upbringing, she’s more than a little naive about the harder parts of life. Her friend, Tommy, on the other hand, who has just moved back to Newcrest, is all too experienced in living life closer to the poverty level.

Since her thirteenth birthday, her step-mother, Anna, has made an effort to be a bigger part of her life. Though Loralee hasn’t been to her house, Anna regularly comes over to the Thoreau house with her children for visits. Anna always seems very  happy with her life, and it’s made Loralee more curious about her father, though she has previously always been content not to know him.


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