Loralee Thoreau

Loralee 1

Loralee Thoreau

Parents: Huy Casillas and Camille Thoreau

Current Age: 13

Traits: Outgoing, Natural Cook, Essence of Flavor

Bio: As far as she cares, her parents are Camille Thoreau and Shirley Hines. She hardly knows her father and has only met her half-siblings a couple of times. Her best friends are her brother, Luc, and her cousin, Nora Yuen. She has also made friends with a boy from school, Tommy Smithson. At first, he tried to make fun of her because her family has money, but she was able to show him that she was no different than any other kid.

Recently, her step-mother, Anna, has become a somewhat bigger part in her life in an effort to get to know her and to have her get to know her half-siblings. However, it isn’t going very well, since Loralee feels she has nothing in common with her considerably younger half-siblings.

*I realize that Loralee turns 13 in Chapter 1.50, but she was a teenager for only one chapter of generation one, so I thought it would be more recognizable if she stayed a child in her picture.


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