Luc Thoreau


Luc Thoreau

Parents: Camille Thoreau and Shirley Hines

Birth Parents: Jean-Pierre and Therese Marchand

Current Age: 11

Traits: Goofball


Luc was orphaned at the age of three when his mother, Therese, was killed in a car accident. He never met his father, Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre separated from his mother and moved back to Champs Les Sims while Therese was pregnant. After her death, he surrendered his parental rights to Luc, leaving him in foster care.

At the age of six, Luc was matched with Camille Thoreau and Shirley Hines and went to live with them and their daughter, Loralee. He was very shy at first. He’d never been in such a big house or one so full of expensive things. He was terrified that he would do something wrong and be sent back to the group home in Willow Creek where he had been living for the last year.

Though he was worried, he immediately hit it off with Loralee and felt very comfortable around Shirley. It took a little longer, but he and Camille warmed up to each other as well. One of his favorite things is when Camille sings him to sleep in French.


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