Shirley Hines

Shirley 2

Shirley Hines

Current Age: 41

Traits: Childish, Good, Music Lover, Alluring, Quick Learner

Aspiration: Soulmates

Occupation: Doctor (Chief of Staff)

Spouse: Camille Thoreau (girlfriend)

Bio: Shirley Hines grew up, along with her sister, Hadley, in what some would call a perfect home. Her parents loved each other and their daughters and accepted Shirley without a thought when she came out as a lesbian when she was fifteen.

In her senior year of high school, Shirley found her calling in medicine. As she was going into the school to attend her first class, a student got into an accident in front of the school. He had minor injuries, but Shirley was the first one there to help him after the accident. It was then that she realized she wanted to be there for others and help them.

She had just begun university when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. All her plans of finding an apartment around campus went on hold; she wanted to drop out to be there for her mother, but Clare Hines wouldn’t hear of such a thing. Shirley helped out the best that she could, but her mother’s illness both changed her and reaffirmed the career path she had chosen. She wanted to spare others the pain she went through seeing her mother deteriorate.

After the death of her mother, Shirley was very concerned for her father. She had no doubt that Frank and Clare Hines were true soulmates. He did not handle the loss of his wife well and, though Shirley and Hadley both tried to be there for him, he passed away not even a year later.

When Hadley inherited their parent’s home, Shirley offered to move out, but Hadley insisted that she stay. They lived together until Hadley had her first child, at which point Shirley knew it was time to leave, even though her sister would have been happy to have her stay.

Her love life has been a complicated one. Something of a late bloomer, she was rather unpopular until her junior year of high school when she decided to cut her hair short. Though a serial monogamist, she always tended to keep her relationships just shy of serious in order to focus on school and, later, work. When she was working as a nurse’s assistant, she met Camille Thoreau and believed she had found someone who shared her idea of career first, relationship later. She fell deeply in love with Camille and overlooked the signs that she was the only one thinking of their relationship with any degree of seriousness. She was completely devastated when she discovered that Camille had been cheating on her with a man.

After parting with Camille, she left the dating world to focus on her career. Never did she expect to run into Camille again, who was now married and expecting a child. Despite the deep humiliation she still felt because of their fallout, they became friends again as Camille struggled to cope with her failing marriage. Shirley realized that Camille had changed in the intervening years and forgave her for betraying her. As well, she realized that her feelings had for Camille were still romantic.

Camille’s abusive marriage finally came to a head after Camille spent the night in Shirley’s bed and the two tentatively began to date. Though she would’ve liked to talk with Hadley about her relationship, her sister was horribly biased against Camille.

They now live together and Shirley is a second mother to Camille’s young daughter, Loralee.


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