Tommy Smithson

Tommy Smithson

Parents: Cody and Ava Smithson

Current Age: 17

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Hot-Headed, Domestic

Aspiration: Successful Lineage


Tommy grew up in a poorer household. His father works hard at his construction job, but his mother has several medical problems that have left them deeply in debt. When Tommy was ten, his family moved to Newcrest for his father’s job. It was then that he met Loralee Thoreau. At a parent-teacher conference, his father saw Camille and couldn’t stop talking about how rich and stuck-up she was and how her kids were no-doubt spoiled rotten. Tommy regurgitated that vitriol back at Loralee, but eventually became friends with her. When he was thirteen, his family moved back to Oasis Springs. During this time, he and Loralee lost touch. Recently, however, they have moved back to Newcrest, and Tommy and Loralee have reconnected. Though he likes Loralee a lot, he still thinks that she doesn’t really understand the way the world works.


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