Hadley’s House

10-11-15_8-03 PM

Hadley’s house was first bought by her parents, Clare and Frank Hines, right after their marriage. It started out as a single story and they worked to add on to it so they could start a family of their own. Today, Hadley and her two children live in it. Until today recently, the house has remained largely unchanged from the way her parents left it.

10-11-15_8-03 PM-2

Inside, you’ll find a short hallway that leads to the kitchen, living room, and upstairs.

10-11-15_8-04 PM

In the kitchen, there’s a larger table now. Four chairs is fine when it’s just Hadley, the kids, and Carter, but Alison is often over and has nowhere to sit for dinner. So a bigger table had to happen.

10-11-15_8-04 PM-2

In the living room are lots of family photos and even one of Hadley’s paintings.

10-11-15_8-05 PM

Through the living room is Nora’s room, which has gotten a little bigger but otherwise has remained unchanged since it was Joshua’s.

10-11-15_8-05 PM-2

Downstairs in the new basement is a bathroom.

10-11-15_8-06 PM

And a music-cum-exercise room. On the left is one of Hadley’s paintings.

10-11-15_8-09 PM

Upstairs, the landing has changed quite a bit.

10-11-15_8-10 PM

This bathroom got shifted over a little to make room next to the stairs.

10-11-15_8-10 PM-2

Shirley’s old room now belongs to Joshua and I’ve finally gotten around to redecorating in something a little more masculine.

10-11-15_8-11 PM

The master bedroom has also had a little redecorating, now in something a little less masculine.

10-11-15_8-11 PM-2

The bathroom remains unchanged.

Below are floor plans for the first and second floors. The basement is only two rooms, so I left it off for now.

10-11-15_8-13 PM

10-11-15_8-14 PM


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