The Thoreau Mansion

Well, it’s taken me longer than I planned, but I have finally finished the mansion. Those last few rooms are finally decorated and I’m moderately pleased with the outside.

Inside, all of you should be familiar with the living room. On the walls, you’ll notice lots of pictures of Hadley and her children, Loralee, and Shirley and Camille. Soon Luc will be up there, too. That’s also one of Hadley’s paintings on the wall.

I didn’t get a picture of the dining area since it’s been seen quite often, so here’s the kitchen from a different angle instead.

Next to the dining area is the first of two bedrooms that are on the first floor. There’s another of Hadley’s paintings on the wall.

In the hall behind the kitchen is the first of five bathrooms in the house. It connects to he hall and the second bedroom on this floor.

This is currently Luc’s room, though that is subject to change as he gets older. That is actually Camille’s bed from her old house, just with a coat of paint and a fresh set of sheets.

Next to Luc’s room is the home gym. Camille likes to watch the cooking channel while she works out, but Shirley favors comedy or the kids network.

Down at the end of the hall is Camille’s office that is filled with focusing decor and decked out in purple.

Upstairs from her office is the master bedroom, also in purple.

Connected is the ensuite bathroom with a large tub and walk-in shower.

Outside is the private, wrap-around balcony. What’s that? Why, it’s Camille’s old couch from her tiny house!

On the balcony you can do a bit of yoga.

Or just relax.

Upstairs from the main staircase is a spacious landing with two seating areas.

You may recognize this as the spot where Camille proposed. *sheds a single tear*

Down the hall, you’ll notice another of Hadley’s paintings. The door at the end is Camille’s.

To the right here is Loralee’s pretty room.

On the left at the end of the hall is the monochromatic room.

Here we have the third bathroom.

Off of the landing is an art studio that would make Hadley weep with joy. Surely there’ll be an artist in the family who will enjoy it soon.

Off of the other part of the landing is the music room with a comedy corner.

Our fourth bathroom.

Next we have a second suite which opens with a writing office, chock full of inspiring decor.

Through it is the sixth bedroom and yet another of Hadley’s paintings!

Outside on the balcony (accessible through the landing) you can hang out or work on this dreadfully neglected bonsai.

Upstairs is the fifth and final bathroom.

On the landing is a nice skilling area for children and adults alike.

And through there you’ll find the seventh bedroom for your red-headed stepchild or just someone who likes a bit of solitude.

Outside on the back porch is room for relaxing and dining.

There is ample play space for the kids and even an observatory.

Past the observatory is a pool is ample seating, a bar, and an outdoor cooking area.

Below you’ll find the floor plans for the house.


3 Responses to The Thoreau Mansion

  1. lolamonroe14 says:

    Hi!!! First let me say how much I love this story!!!!! And I’m sooo excited that your back!!!!!! Are you going to put up this house for download?

    Liked by 1 person

    • JoieWilder says:

      It’s abouy 90% CC, so the odds aren’t good, unfortunately. It would take a LOT of work for me to track it all down.


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